3rd Party Delivery Partners

Ever opened a delivery box to find your pizza looking like this? 3rd Party Delivery platforms like UberEats, Deliveroo and Foodora are coming under intense scrutiny lately due to problems like these with pizzas not being delivered properly. Drivers don't receive proper training on how to deliver, some don't have delivery bags and unfortunately most of the blame tends to fall on the restaurant and not on the delivery partner.

As we have chosen them to partner with us, we hold some responsibility but do not have much control over how these drivers deliver our product. Where ever possibly we try to educate and train these drivers and also try to enforce were possible that each driver has a delivery bag with them when picking up an order. Unfortunately we do not have a lot control after our products have left the store which is where a lot of the problems tend to occur.

If you order through these partners and find yourself in a situation like this, please call the 3rd party company immediately, they will investigate the matter further and tend to offer you a discount or refund in matters where they are to blame. Unfortunately a restaurant like Arthur's Pizza does not have control over their drivers and cannot arrange for redelivery so it's critical to make contact with them so they can resolve the matter on your behalf as quickly as possible.

A lot of our customers don't realise that we also have our own dedicated team of delivery drivers. Next time try order directly through us either via our website, phone or in person. We manage your order from the kitchen all the way to your door. In the unlikely event where an issue occurs, we're able to remake and redeliver your order straight away. We've invested in software which allows you to track your order and be notified once your order has left the store. We've also invested heavily into additional drivers, heated delivery bags and driver training to ensure your pizza gets to your faster, hotter and fresher than ever before.

Don't forget we also have deals and special discounts only available through our website as well as FREE delivery for orders over $25, so if you're looking for an alternative give us a try, you won't be disappointed!!

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